Friday, January 13, 2006

I've got VIBE.

I haven't read A Million Little Pieces yet; I got it for Christmas and I plan to regardless of the controversy. HOWEVER (sorry, Jean Cash, but I had to begin the sentence with "however"), I think James Frey is pretty screwed for getting caught in a big fat lie. Big fat lie.

When the story broke, Frey posted some comment on his website about how everyone was just nit-picking with him and that it was his life.

Last night on Larry King Live, he admitted that he originally submitted A Million Little Pieces to publishers as a novel. A novel. Well, novels are generally fiction. Even the ones that are pretty much based on truth; for example, The Bell Jar was fiction. It wasn't "non fiction" for a reason. Because some of it was just made up.

Anyway, that's what I have to say about that.

I had my orientation at Urban today, which It turns out that: a) I won't be working until January 31st, and b) I won't be full time. I'll be at the new store on State Street and they're hiring seventy people to work there. I can't imagine working with seventy people. That's like my senior class in high school. I think it's appropriate that we'll have lockers to put our personal belongings into. I wonder if there will be any sex acts being committed in the bathroom.

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