Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's "Coke," not "pop."

I really have nothing of interest to write about, but for some reason I feel I should try to update every day or two. Also, I had three Cokes today so I'm never going to get to sleep tonight. My caffeine tolerance has depleted immensely once I became too poor to afford Coke. (I'm probably not too poor to afford it, I just happen to spend my money on more alcohol than soft drinks.)

Today was one of my least productive days ever. I spent it watching four episodes of Gilmore Girls and Showgirls (thanks, Netflix!) and I ate a bag of Chex Mix and two packs of Rolos.

I still only have about a week left of unemployment, but I don't even know how often I'll get work. I've seriously become pretty brain-dead when it comes to finding job listings that I would actually qualify for. Craigslist has even been pretty sucky as of late. I guess I could give the temp agencies a call tomorrow; that's always an ego-booster. Those bitches won't even give me data-entry jobs.

I'm excited that Nicole is moving in next week. I've been really bored lately. Kristin's out of the house, Joe and Janna are off living their lives. All of my other friends are now in couple form. I'm seriously about this close to posting a "strictly platonic" ad in Craigslist. I'm hoping that when I start working at Urban I can make a friend or two. Seriously, out of seventy people, there will have to be at least five normal people I can befriend.


EQ said...

a.) Right on, brother. It is Coke. Everything is Coke. People who call it pop or, even worse, soda? Yeah, shut up.

b.) Seriously, out of seventy people, there will have to be at least five normal people I can befriend.

Yeh'd think...

c.) I'll be your friend. I had TWO, count 'em TWO, friend-dates lined up and subsequently cancelled for tomorrow night because of couple-y issues. And when I was all, "Bros before hos, man!" they were all, "Bros don't put out." Pshaw.

"Well, don't come cryin' to the bros when you get herpes!" (is what I wanted to say, but didn't.)

Anonymous said...

i have the same issues with finding people to do things with. everyone's all paired up, sitting at home, and suddenly they went from 23 to 55 in two point five seconds... lame-os. -melanie.

Aethlos said...

it's "pop" in Oklahoma, therefore not in civilization. Correct, "Coke" is the default catchall term for cola-based beverages (sprite, 7up, etc. are not Coke), and, i'm fascinated by the word "normal", it usually boils down to a math thing right?... most common, most frequently occurring, or is normal something else? i like hearing how people define it... and i can rarely stand to be around anyone who actually -is- "normal". Don't "normal" people say "pop"? Do normal people get english degrees and maintain blogs as witty as this one? I would argue you're far from normal, and this blog is not the product of normal person. Hallelujah. Fuck Normal. stick to extraordinary... you're good at it.