Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Morgan!

Here's why I love my friend Morgan:

On the night before I drove to Chicago from Virginia, I went to see Liz Phair with Morgan in Alexandria. We had a great time; we yelled out song requests which Liz did not play (but she did reply, "That corner sure loves Girlysounds!"), got drunk off a few pitchers, watched Cary Brothers (that's just one guy, by the way) hop into a car with random NOVA chicks, and went to some bar where Morgan pointed out some dude she knew and his gold-digging girlfriend (where were you then Kanye West?).

The next morning I had to wake up super early so I could drive back home to Montross and then hop into a U-Haul with my father to drive to Illinois. I woke up surprisingly on my own without using the snooze function on the alarm, got dressed and packed in Morgan's really classy living room (she even had a somewhat-comfortable sofa bed!) and tip-toed upstairs to tell her goodbye.

I knocked on her door, which was half-open, and called out her name. She kind of jerked up in bed, and that was when I noticed that she was wearing a nightgown. Like, a grandmother's nightgown. With her boob hanging out.

Don't worry, readers! I didn't see anything bad because Morgan was wearing a bra. Yes, Morgan Hungerford wears a granny nightgown and a bra to bed. I mean, the nightgown is one thing, but the bra? I read in a teenage girl magazine that wearing a bra to bed stunts breast growth!

So, happy 25th birthday, Morgan! I salute you!

PS. Buy stuff from her clothing line. Muss is way cool.

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morgan said...

my nightgown had skulls on it. PLEASE tell me your grandma wears a nightgown with skulls on it.

i love TYLER!!!!!