Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here's my Chinese New Year resolution: Don't get drunk and pass out at the party.

I've been in a weird mood for the past couple of days. I haven't really done anything but sleep past noon and sitting around. Yesterday I woke up at 1:30. I was expecting to get Manhattan from Netflix, so I ran out to the mailbox and saw it was there. I was excited about watching it but when I pulled it out of the sleeve, I saw that it was not Manhattan but The Office: The Complete Second Series. Netflix, you suck balls. You could have at least sent me something I didn't already own. Maybe something good that I wouldn't mind watching again? Why couldn't you have sent me Little Shop of Horrors? I haven't seen that in years.

Last night I ate a box of bagel bites, drank a bottle of wine, and watched The Phantom of the Opera on HBO. It was probably the gayest thing I've ever done. I was watching it, fully aware of how awful it is, but I couldn't stop enjoying it. Then I hopped in a cab and went to my friends Stacey and Emily's Chinese New Year party. It was fun, although I think I was in my drunk-asshole mode.

Also, Logan Square is not easy to get home from. (That is a horrible sentence but I don't feel like fixing it.) I think I walked about twenty minutes in the rain looking for a cab, and I had absolutely no idea where I was. I thought I was walking east but I was walking north, and I was in a neighborhood that I didn't recognize. Finally a cab pulled into the CVS parking lot I was standing in. The guy who was riding in it stopped in to go to the ATM, and the driver rolled down his window and told me that he'd give me a ride, too. When the guy came back from the ATM he was pretty confused.

It was a night full of weird cab experiences, and when I say "full of" I mean that I had two weird cab experiences. That's more than I usually have in one night. Anyway, Stacey and Emily live on a street that is one-way, and instead of driving around the block to drop me off in front of their house, the cab driver backed onto the street and started driving in reverse until I told him to stop. That's service!

Also, I got two great fortunes in my fortune cookies last night:
"Act on the new ideas you are generating."
"Good health will your yours for a long, long time."
That's what I like to hear!


Christina said...

"Probably the gayest thing I've ever done."

Now Tyler, lets be honest I can think of some gayer, Charles Nelson Reiley comes to mind, and also serveral instances involving eyeliner and too much gel.

EQ said...

You did get two good fortunes! I feel like every fortune cookie I've ever opened has had one of those cop-out, not-really-a-fortune fortunes inside. Like, "You make wise decisions when it comes to money," or "You are intelligent beyond your years." Those are facts, Fortune Cookie Fortune Writers, not a prediction of what is to come, or a pithy tidbit of advice. I thought I could count on you, fortunes, to guide me, but no. Instead you tell me what I already know.

Aethlos said...

wow, i couldn't even sit through phantom... and i'm WEAPONS GRADE gay. ;)

Sara said...

The best fortune I ever got (I still have it around somewhere, too): "God will give you everything you want."