Thursday, January 05, 2006

Monty got a raw deal.

My bed keeps shaking and I really hope that doesn't mean I'm about to be possessed by the devil.

Yesterday I got a MySpace message from some dude who runs a Cubs podcast. He found this picture on my Flickr page and wants to use it at the Cubs convention for a fake caption contest. That pretty much justifies my purchase of a Flickr pro account. If he does actually use it I'll have to figure out how to put that on my resume.

I haven't really gotten out of bed today, but it's still before noon, so it's not so bad (I have seven minutes until I even admit I have a problem). I was somewhat productive in the sense that I emailed my World Book "contact" about not hearing anything back about my resume. I need to email Hot Recruiter because she didn't return my call yesterday about helping me rewrite my resume.

Seriously, why the hell is my bed shaking? I could blame it on the wind, since my bed is up against the wall, but that seems unlikely. It's obviously the work of Satan.

I listened to Jake Fogelnest and Jackie Clarke's radio show last night and it made me really want to do a show again. I miss WXJM a lot; I wish I started with it earlier - if only the people before my year weren't so damn intimidating. While listening to Jake and Jackie, I became reminiscent because they played the theme music that accompanied that animated sequence that HBO would play before a movie started. You know the one: there was a swooping camera flying over a model city and then a big HBO would kind of explode out of the sky or something. I'll probably have that music stuck in my head all day now.

Alright, I need to get out of bed and find a job now.

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