Monday, January 02, 2006

One more cup of coffee before I go...

...or just one more blog entry before I go to bed.

Today Dan, Kristin, Nicole and I met up with our friend Steve and went to Schuba's / The Harmony Grill with him. We met at his apartment which is fantastic. It's big, it has a fireplace nook with built-in bookshelves, and it has a rooftop deck. I always get jealous when I see other apartments, and I think that it makes me really hate our house. I've never felt settled in. My room is too big and it only has three walls (the slanted ceiling that I thought was awesome in August quickly became a pain). I haven't unpacked and now I can't in the event that I have to move home. All of our walls are white - really off-white. Our basement is way too big and we don't know what to put in half of it.

I just can't wait to be a real adult with a real adult job. I want to buy real furniture. I want to afford Crate and Barrell. I want a couch that doesn't have a wooden frame. I want to frame all of my posters instead of putting them on the walls with straight pins.

I know that's stupid but it's true. I still feel like in college sometimes, and I kind of want to avoid that.

I have to return to the old job hunt frustration this week. I've been pretty happy here for about a month, basically because I got some temp work and wasn't so scared about not having any money. But four days in a month isn't steady enough. And business will go on as usual in Chicago and I'll have to jump back into the search. Blah.

I'll have to go back to Urban Outfitters again so I can have a definite idea if I have a job there. I'm hoping that the temp agencies will come up with something a little more long-term. I don't care at this point, I need a job because I don't want to move home to Virginia.

I was planning to get my friends together at the party before the countdown so we could all shout out our retractions from 2005. I did this once when Martha and I went to West Lafayette, Indiana to her brother's New Year's party. You basically just choose one event from the year that you'd rather forget, and it's gone. It's better than resolutions because we all know those are all bullshit. Surprisingly, I can't really think of anything that I'd like to forget from the past year. Sure, I got a little too drunk a few times, spent too much money, graduated, moved to Chicago without any kind of plan or direction, but it hasn't been so bad in the long run. I've been pretty pleased, I suppose.


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