Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two things.

One: Another reason why Americans are kinda dumb: "Gay cowboys are now the new penguins."

Two: Another reason why Oprah kicks ass: "A sometimes angry, sometimes tearful Winfrey asked Frey why he 'felt the need to lie.'"


EQ said...

Alright, they wear cowboy hats, and they do that standing-against-the-pickup-with-one-leg-crossed-over-the-other thing that cowboy convention apparently dictates.

But, really? Everyone? They're gay shepherds, not gay cowboys. Check into it.

(On a somewhat-related-to-your-link note, though, I totally thought I was the funniest person alive when I came up with calling Lord of the Rings "Brokeback Mordor." Mountain of Doom, 9+way homosexual tension, "fix your sword in my firey forge"... get it?)

Tyler said...

Well, the love between Samwise and Mr. Frodo was much more believable. And much more uncomfortable, at least for me.

But yeah, it's NOT a western.

Everyone's too stupid.

Anonymous said...

um, you're welcome.


Tyler said...

oh, by the way: christina referred me to the brokeback mountain thing.

Aethlos said...

Oprah Winfrey is The Great Satan. Martha Stewart Forever.